What Is A Mongoose Bat, And Where Did It Go

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  What Is A Mongoose Bat, And Where Did It Go?

Remember when Hayden walked to the cricket field carrying a strange-looking bat? Know everything about mongoose bat here in the article.

It was in 2010 that Matthew Hayden entered the cricket pitch during the Indian Premier League holding a rather strange looking cricket bat also called the mongoose cricket bat which gained popularity soon after the match. While most people thought it was ridiculous and started passing comments, led the mongoose bat to come into the limelight.The bat which was commonly called the mongoose bat is considered to be an upgraded version of a bat that was specifically designed for the T20 matches. It was formerly known as the Newbery Uzi which was then taken up by Mongoose and was later launched under the name MMi3.

Mongoose Bat

What is a Mongoose bat and where it originated from?

A mongoose cricket bat consists of a long handle and a short blade. These cricket bats are quite different from the other conventional bats. It does not only vary in shape but the blade is also 33% shorter than that of conventional cricket bats. It is designed in such a way that it provides immense power to the batsman while he swings the bat to hit the ball.  Hence the bat speed increases with the powerful hit. The grip of the mongoose bat is also quite good and hence aids in playing while in attacking mode. The mongoose bat came into the market with a vision to revolutionize the usage of conventional cricket bats.These mongoose cricket bats are specifically created for T20 tournaments. It is the mongoose long handle cricket bat that has allowed the batsman to hit an elevated shot and the overall short frame allows the bat to actually hit a six each time it is swung.In an interview, Bangladeshi cricketer Mohammad Ashraful said, “Almost any part of the blade is a sweet spot to hit a six. All you need to do is connect with the mini mongoose bat and the ball literally flies.”While all of the conventional cricket bats consist of a sweet spot that can be utilized to hit a good six, the mongoose cricket bat is curated in such a way that no matter where the ball hits, the bat is sure to give a good hit. It is hence created to hit ruthlessly.When the movie “83” was released, people thought that the V-shaped mongoose bat was used by Kapil Dev, and hence they went on to buy these bats to hit the ball just like how Kapil Dev played during the world cup. A mongoose bat can hence be said to be one of the greatest inventions in the world of cricket.The mini mongoose bat actually came into the limelight when the mongoose cricket bat Hayden held made it to the headlines in a newspaper. It was used during the Indian Premier League IPL that Matthew Hayden used this mongoose cricket bat that helped him reach the headlines. The match was between Delhi Daredevils and Chennai Super Kings where Matthew Hayden was a part of the latter team. Especially while he was entering the ground, there were a lot of speculations on how the bat looked really ugly but little did they know that the mongoose cricket bat Hayden held was the actual ball-smacker. Due to his decision of using the mongoose cricket bats instead of the normal cricket bat he was able to turn heads with his attack modes. Here he perfectly smacked a total of 93 runs off 43 balls and the inning was a true star in his career.

Important facts about mongoose bat

Some of the important facts about the mongoose cricket bat can be provided as follows:

The mongoose bat has a 43% longer handle than that of a normal cricket bat which makes the mongoose bat grip better.

Mongoose cricket bats tend to be lighter than that of the regular bat

The structure of the mongoose bat enhances the sweet spot by about 120%

The mongoose long handle cricket bat has about three times more wood at the bottom than the conventional bat which allows the batsman to hit the Yorkers while also increasing the bat speed while hitting.

One of the misconceptions is that the mini mongoose bat has been banned by the Indian Premier League however the governing bodies while they reviewed the complaints, they did not ban the mongoose cricket bats.  

Mongoose Bat

What’s so unique about this bat?

The nature of the bat is such that it holds immense power due to its attacking mode and hence provides a great bat speed while the batsman swings the bat. This is one of the most preferable bats for the T20 games. This bat was first unveiled by Matthew Hayden in 2012 for an entire season. This mongoose bat also received several critical remarks from former cricket stars. Former test player, Stuart Law also called the mongoose cricket bat the half-brick-on-a-stick cricket bat. However, this was well received by modern cricketers where MS Dhoni even claimed that Hayden irrespective of the bat can do wonders during cricket matches.  

 What happened to the Mongoose Bat?

Despite having so many beneficial points to the mongoose bat on the field, the craze for the bat eventually died off. And all of this occurred when the batsman Suresh Raina reviewed that the bat did not fit well in case of defensive strokes. The enhanced sweet spot also turned out to be a disadvantage for the batsmen as they were unable to go ahead with defensive strokes without slipping or front catches occurring.Other batsmen also agreed that the bat does not provide any backpacking cases; there tends to be an uneven bounce. According to the batsmen, you can either hit the ball or undergo the risk of getting injured as the bat is not of defending nature. It was hence concluded that the use of conventional bats involved lower risk rates than the mongoose bats.

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