What happened to the Mongoose Bat

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  What happened to the Mongoose Bat?

Despite having so many beneficial points to the mongoose bat on the field, the craze for the bat eventually died off. And all of this occurred when the batsman Suresh Raina reviewed that the bat did not fit well in case of defensive strokes.

Mongoose Bat

The enhanced sweet spot also turned out to be a disadvantage for the batsmen as they were unable to go ahead with defensive strokes without slipping or front catches occurring.Other batsmen also agreed that the bat does not provide any backpacking cases; there tends to be an uneven bounce. According to the batsmen, you can either hit the ball or undergo the risk of getting injured as the bat is not of defending nature. It was hence concluded that the use of conventional bats involved lower risk rates than the mongoose bats.

The MS Dhoni Spartan Seven Limited Edition English Willow Cricket Bat is a class in its own.

Limited Edition English Willow Cricket Bat

Virat Kohli uses a 'MRF Bat'. 


Rohit Sharma uses a 'CEAT Bat'.


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